Blondes announce new album Warmth, share new track “KDM,” really DO have more fun

Blondes announce new album Warmth, share new track "KDM," really DO have more fun

I’m not gonna pull any punches here. I fucking HATE working out, readers. H-A-T-E, HATE it. And yet…I’ve always really loved getting all hot and sweaty! I mean, I just love that glowy, swimmy, glisteny, panting feeling of “having just FINISHED working out.” You know what I mean???

Well, New York-based, real-deal electro-house duo Sam Haar and Zach Steinman — a.k.a. Blondes — sure do. They totally GET me. And that’s why (I assume) they’ve gone ahead and announced that NOT ONLY is their latest LP (and first for the fine R&S label) entitled Warmth; but it’s also chock-full of the kind of steamy, sexy, pulsing, panting, grooving house music jams which are basically guaran-damn-teed to raise my pulse to a nice, vaguely-aerobic 130 bpm. No fuss, no muss!

Continuing to “find inspiration through hardware instrumentation and improvisation,” Haar and Steinmsan’s past several years’ worth of “intense live performances on sound systems throughout Europe and US” helped to generate and inform the ten new calorie-burning bangers packed into this album.

Blondes’ miraculous new miracle fat-loss cure isn’t street-legal until August 11, but you can pre-order it here now and check out one of its sample-workouts, the explosive “KDM,” streaming down below. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be drenched in a gross pool of your own (oddly milky) sweat in about seven minutes. After which you’ll feel so goddamn invigorated that you could eat a barbecued horse! (Go ahead: you’ve earned it!)

Warmth tracklisting:

01. OP Actual
02. Clipse
03. Quality Of Life
04. Stringer
05. Trust
06. Tens
07. KDM
08. All You
09. MRO
10. Cleo

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