Blondes ready Rewire EP featuring remixes from Huerco S., Simian Mobile Disco, Function, and Claro Intelecto

Blondes ready Rewire EP featuring remixes from Huerco S., Simian Mobile Disco, Function, and Claro Intelecto

“Click click boom.” So says Josey Scott, vocalist of seminal butt rock band Saliva, and so too do Blondes say it in their own special way on this most hallowed of Earth Days. You see, they were confident that they knew how to rewire the bomb, to defuse it just in time. You just cut the blue wire and the green wire, connect the black wire to the yellow one, but oh no, click… click… BOOM! And out with the new Blondes Rewire EP on this very day, which is, again, a most hallowed of Earth Days.

The EP, which is available right now from RVNG Intl., contains four remixed tracks off Blondes’ Swisher (TMT Review) from last year; one of the title track, and three different versions of “Wire.” Simian Mobile Disco contribute the “Swisher” remix, and Huerco S., Claro Intelecto, and Function all remix “Wire.” This release is digital only in honor of today, which, for the third time, is a most hallowed of Earth Days. Because it’s digital, no trees will be murdered in order to create its packaging, and, since it’s not limited by the mere physical boundaries of our analog world, it’s not a part of a limited edition. That means you don’t have to stumble all over yourself getting to that purchase link as quick as humanly possible so other jokers don’t pick it up before you. Use this additional time to plant a tree or something, dummy. If you’re into YouTube embeds, there’s a ripe one waiting for you below containing Huerco S.’ remix of “Wire.”

Also, just a quick, cute FYI: Blondes are playing at Moogfest this weekend in Asheville, North Carolina with the likes of Holly Herndon, Hieroglyphic Being, and Craig Leon performing his Nommos LP (which, by the way, RVNG is reissuing this summer). Check it out or something!

Rewire EP tracklisting:

01. Swisher (Simian Mobile Disco Remix)
02. Wire (Claro Intelecto Remix)
03. Wire (Huerco S. Remix)
04. Wire (Function Remix)

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