Blues Control announce tour, turn loose “Iron Pigs” in support of Drag City debut Valley Tangents

Blues Control announce tour, turn loose "Iron Pigs" in support of Drag City debut Valley Tangents

Blues Control, where do I know you from? Did I catch you opening for Animal Collective, once upon a time? Am I confusing your name with the commonly-used phrase, “lose control”? Couldn’t your alias also be an appropriately fitting title for a hypothetical cover band comprised of middle-aged men known for wearing their sunglasses excessively, and at unprescribed times?

Clarity has come in the form of a press release, as well as our previous reporting. Essentially, if you aren’t intimately familiar with the experimental duo already, there’s a strong chance of that changing in a couple of months. Blues Control are Lea Cho and Russ Waterhouse, out of Lehigh Valley, PA. Cho (wo)mans (in a non-disparaging sense) the keyboards, and Waterhouse handles the guitar, synthesizer, and tape equipment. Their latest work has ventured assuredly into full-fledged ambient territory, but they’ve just as easily shown a willingness to pursue something a little less easy on the ears. On June 19, Blues Control will be releasing Valley Tangents, their first album as Drag City signatories. Immediately following, they’ll embark on a medium-sized tour, visiting cities within reasonable proximity to their Pennsylvania haunt.

Additionally, Blues Control have released “Iron Pigs,” their first track from the new album, which you can check out at Ad Hoc. As a contrast to their more emotionally soothing pieces, the song is an apparent (though mild) transition to Drag City’s general modus operandi. Keep an ear out for those brass synth sounds as well; am I detecting an homage to the original Super Mario Kart? I’m hearing it. Whether they intended it or not, I’m totally hearing it.

Valley Tangents tracklisting:

01. Love’s a Rondo
02. Iron Pigs
03. Opium Den/Fade to Blue
04. Walking Robin
05. Open Air
06. Gypsum


06.21.12 - Baltimore, MD - Floristree Space
06.22.12 - Philadelphia, PA - PhilaMOCA
06.23.12 - Brooklyn, NY - 285 Kent Ave
06.25.12 - Pittsburgh, PA - Gooski’s
07.26.12 ­- Louisville, KY - Zanzabar
07.27.12 - Chicago, IL - Hideout
07.28.12 - Columbus, OH - Ace of Cups
07.29.12 - Cleveland, OH - Happy Dog
07.30.12 - Rochester, NY - The Bug Jar
07.31.12 - Toronto, ON - Parts & Labour
08.01.12 - Montreal, QC - Il Motore
08.02.12 - Burlington, VT - Signal Kitchen
08.03.12 - Allston, MA - O’Brien’s Pub

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