Blur set to release new live album, just in time for a long long time ago!

Blur set to release new live album, just in time for a long long time ago!

Hey, sweet news, soccer hooligans! You know that British band, Blur? Remember, they were huge in the 90s for releasing that album Loveless that everyone is into? But then they had those two look-a-like brothers who just couldn’t keep it together because they constantly disagreed over which one of them was more sexually attracted to 1968-era John Lennon?? Then, on top of that, they got SUED by the Rolling Stones for using that string sample in their huge single and never made a dime??? Yeah, THAT band. That’s Blur. Jeez, are you sure you’re a music fan?

Well, either way, now’s your chance to get reacquainted with those “blimey blokes” or however people talk in the UK! As Consequence of Sound reports, they’ll be releasing a new live album called Live at the Budokan on August 11 of this year. I know what you’re thinking. And unfortunately, no, it’s not a Cheap Trick cover album. Instead, it’s a recording of the way-way-back 1995 set the band played at that venue in Tokyo, Japan in support of their then-current fourth record The Great Escape. Check out one of the tracks from it down below to decide retroactively just how much you loved that era of Blur and just how many copies you’ll be ordering.

By the way, the recordings were actually released in Japan a while ago, but this is the first time they’re being made available worldwide. So, you know, it’s a lot more important now. Oh, and there’s gonna be all-new album art and a remastering job courtesy of Frank Arkwright at Abbey Road. Which, I hope goes without saying, is the name of the orphanage where the Dave Clark Five members met each other.

Live at the Budokan tracklisting:

01. The Great Escape
02. Jubilee
03. Popscene
04. End of a Century
05. Tracy Jacks
06. Mr. Robinson’s Quango
07. To the End
08. Fade Away
09. It Could Be You
10. Stereotypes
11. She’s So High
12. Girls & Boys
13. Advert
14. Intermission
15. Bank Holiday
16. For Tomorrow
17. Country House
18. This Is a Low
19. Supa Shoppa
20. Yuko & Hiro
21. He Thought of Cars
22. Chemical World
23. Coping
24. Globe Alone
25. Parklife
26. The Universal

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