Boston producer mmph doesn’t mumble one bit while announcing his debut EP, Dear God, next month on Tri Angle

Boston producer mmph doesn't mumble one bit while announcing his debut EP, Dear God, next month on Tri Angle
Photo: Valeria Zaklinskaya

Let’s be clear, here: Seoul-born, Boston-based producer mmph (a.k.a. 24 year-old Sae Heum Han) does not care WHICH god you pray to. He’s totally open minded, totally ecumenical, totally cool like that.

But he does care which experimental hybrid records of ambient, noise, avant-techno, and sound-design you listen to while you get in touch with that special personal deity of yours. He only wants the very best for you and your intensest religious experiences.

To that end, Han has just announced that his debut EP, Dear God, will be out April 13 on Tri Angle (these glad tidings also just so-happen to come along riiiiiiight after mmph’s involvement in serpentwithfeet’s eagerly anticipated forthcoming album soil was announced by discerning music mags everywhere, btw).

Dear God allegedly “marks a turning point in the rapid evolution of this young producer,” being touted as an epiphany-esque “merging of his classical training, sophisticated composition, and unique sound design.” And yet, the driving forces behind Han’s effort were also incredibly personal, organic, and intimate:

Dear God was written in times filled with doubt and personal hardship. Writing this EP not only let me vent, but it also helped me fall in love with music all over again. The rose that’s represented in the album artwork describes it all: I received it on my birthday and pinned it to my bedroom wall, and it became the first and the last thing I saw during my day when I started writing the EP. It was there when I learned of my mother’s illness, my friend’s tragedy, and when I met the love of my life. It went through all of it with me, and it’s still there.”

Dang. Bearing all of that profundity in mind, I defy you to check out the video (created by Maria Constanza Ferreira) for the EP’s first single “Sun God” down below — and/or pre-order the whole spiritual paean in digital format (the nearest-to-god of all the formats) from mmph’s Bandcamp — and not be moved to a higher plane. I mean, you’re not some kind of soulless monster. Are you?

Dear God tracklisting:

01. Sun God
02. Façade
03. Past Lives
04. Wilting
05. Blossom

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