Brian Eno’s four seminal 70’s “pop” albums set for deluxe, 45 RPM vinyl remasters

Brian Eno's four seminal 70's "pop" albums set for deluxe, 45 RPM vinyl remasters
Here come all those warm jets half-speed.

History lesson: Did you know that Brian Eno used to sing? It’s true! Back during a totally crazy period of human history known as “the 1970s,” before he became the legendary producer, Godfather of ambient, and cue-balled glowering man we know him as today (see photo above), a young and virile Brian Eno was fresh off quitting Roxy Music, sporting an all-time amazing/terrible haircut, and doing what young children everywhere dream of: making experimental art rock albums as a solo artist…and vocalist.

Second history lesson: The resulting four albums — that’s Here Come The Warm Jets, Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy), Another Green World, and Before And After Science for all you Philistines — have gone on to become heralded as extremely important and influential works (Example: I once named my fantasy football teams after one of them…go ahead, guess which one!) in an era ripe with important and influential works. After all, even when he was rocking a borderline skullet, he was still Brian Freakin’ Peter George St. John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno.

Now, during a later, somehow crazier (despite increased access to better sounding synthesizers) period of human history known as “present day,” all four of Eno’s revered “vocal” albums are set to be reissued in deluxe gatefold, double-LP editions; each having been remastered at half-speed at Abbey Road Studios, for play on glorious 45 RPM heavyweight vinyl.

The remasters are out on August 4 via UMC/Virgin EMI. But until then, you can watch a fun, little trailer about them and check out each record’s deluxe-edition cover art below. You can also pre-order any or all of them here and get a more in-depth history lesson (your 3rd today, look at you!) on each of the albums here.

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