Brian Miller (Foot Village) and Sam An (Lana Del Rabies) release debut as America Fuck, the ultimate political facepalm

Brian Miller (Foot Village) and Sam An (Lana Del Rabies) release debut as America Fuck, the ultimate political facepalm

Foot Village has been one of TMT’s favorites for a good long while now — going back at least to the 2008 interview that we did with the entire band — which means that we’re super excited (and not obligated or anything) to cover everything that’s either closely or distantly related.

The band’s own Brian Miller also founded the Deathbomb Arc label before he helped propel Foot Village to the fore of SoCal-based, drum-centered aggression, and during its nearly 20 years of functional existence, Deathbomb has helped to release and promote a ton of often noisy releases that challenge the remains of humanity’s delicate sensibilities. Basically, Deathbomb and Foot Village have both done their part in attempting turn us all into acid rain, which burns through our clothing and blinds all the presidential dullards who bypass warnings during solar eclipses. (Oh yeah, I went there.)

And despite an early ambivalence about any political themes in his Foot Village work, Brian Miller is definitely “going there” with his new project: America Fuck. Miller and Sam An (a.k.a. Lana Del Rabies) comprise the duo, and their first release (out now courtesy of Deathbomb, naturally) makes NO BONES about the duo’s modus operandi. American Fuck is the “product of living with toxic politics as the foreground,” and each extremely long track title on Fertility Clown is a segment of a discussion that revolves around, basically, egalitarianism as a goal.

A familiar-sounding sentiment? Perhaps. Musically, however, Fertilty Clown will offer stiff competition to your pulse; so be warned. Listen to it in full below, and head here to name your own price on a digital download — and to see the full track titles (seriously; I’m not printing them here, they’re novellas).

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