Bridle (Beau Devereaux, Samantha Glass) readies Forward Motion Plus Volume Two, shares “Second Isolator”

Bridle (Beau Devereaux, Samantha Glass) readies <em>Forward Motion Plus Volume Two</em>, shares "Second Isolator"
Photo: Victoria Renard

Try to keep up: Beau Devereaux, best known for their releases under the Samantha Glass moniker, is returning to 2019 — not as SG, but as Bridle. And their musical evolution from 2018’s noise/industrial sojourn Forward Motion Plus Volume One continues with a second volume of sonic experiments that hits with a harder techno/IDM/glitchy hip-hop beat vibe.

“Second Isolator,” our first taste of Beau’s latest, Forward Motion Plus Volume Two, rips through your headphones, with a kinetic energy rarely heard in their catalog. You could call Bridle a “reinvention” of sorts, but Beau’s always been tinkering with their sound, and the new moniker fits the adventurous spirit of what we’ve heard so far.

Forward Motion Plus Volume Two is out March 22, and the cassette is available for pre-order now. If you are in Austin, Texas, Beau will be blowing minds with a release show with Boy Harsher and BOAN. Lose yourself in the laser lights, throw some glow sticks around, cuz Bridle’s bringing the dark, raw electronic vibes to speakers and dancefloors everywhere.

Forward Motion Plus Volume Two tracklisting:

01. FWY Start
02. Highway Greens
03. Second Isolator
04. Weymouth
05. Character Control
06. Temptation

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