Samantha Glass Returns with new album and video

Samantha Glass Returns with new album and video
Photo: ESSENTIALS Creative

Austin based producer Samantha Glass doesn’t care for your high-definition.

Samantha Glass has a clip for their great new song “Cruel Anxiety” which proves how irrelevant your 4K screen is to their art. It’s so damn grainy, it’ll take you right back to the zines you used to photocopy for your mate (until you look at your phone, and it confirms it’s 2018).

You can expect more non-HD goodness from Samantha Glass when they release their next album length missive of experimental electronics and poetry called Nine Memories Between Impression and Imprint via Holodeck October 12.

Until then, watch the clip down below and pre-order your copy on vinyl or cassette now — and then, double-check your phone to make sure it really is 2018.

Nine Memories Between Impression and Imprint tracklisting:

01. Dancing Against Reality
02. Carriers of the Wind
03. Putting the Male to Rest, Parts 1 & 2
04. Cruel Anxiety
05. Behind Our Wings
06. Addicted to Sweating
07. Discreet & Perfect for Travel
08. The Carpenter in Us All

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