Burberry Perry changes name to TheGoodPerry, releases “Blueberry”

Burberry Perry changes name to TheGoodPerry, releases "Blueberry"

Time to update those Rolodexes, people! Burberry Perry, the Atlanta-based rapper, who was recently featured on Lil Yachty’s Summer Songs 2 mixtape, has changed his name to TheGoodPerry.

The reason? Well, apparently brands just hate it when you infringe on their trademarks! After Burberry Perry released his self-titled EP, luxury fashion house Burberry became quite upset over its cover art, which was very reminiscent of their own logo (Not to mention of course that Burberry Perry called himself Burberry Perry.)

So, like any self-respecting corporation that’s had its feelings hurt, Burberry sued Burberry Perry, who consequently (as mentioned way back in the first paragraph) changed his name to TheGoodPerry.

TheGoodPerry, or TG Perry, announced his name change in a tweet, where he also shared a link to a new song, “Blueberry,” which you can listen to below. In summation: Burberry was not merry about Burberry Perry so he became TheGoodPerry and released “Blueberry.” Everyone got that?

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