bvdub continues the habitual, announces new album Drowning in Daylight on Apollo

bvdub continues the habitual, announces new album Drowning in Daylight on Apollo

There’s prolific…and then there’s PROLIFIC. Artists occupying the former category might release an album and an EP every year, while musicians setting the bar for the adjective might postpone sleep, regular bowel movements, and trips to the grocery store as a result of the precedence that they imbue to releasing full-length albums about as often as the seasons change. It helps that bvdub — a.k.a. Brock Van Wey — tends to eschew attachments to any particular label, since labels can sometimes set limits on how many albums they want to release from one artist over a certain period of time. With typical aplomb, Van Wey says “fuck that” to the notion of outside organizations being the arbiters of his music propagation, which is probably why the American expat (who recently lived in China) both hops around and self-releases his ethereal stuff to his heart’s content.

The latest label of choice for bvdub? London-based Apollo Records — a.k.a. the ambient division of Belgium’s R&S Records. They’ll be doing the honors for bvbud’s upcoming release, Drowning in Daylight, out September 14. The full-length album will be bvdub’s 30th (!) release since around 2007, and apparently there’s some truth in expertise only being reached after a certain number of work hours, because it’s crazy how effortless Van Way makes his trademark grand sense of ambiance seem. Have a listen to an excerpt below if you don’t trust me.

Pre-orders are available here. I’m digging the cover art as well. This guy’s just on fire.

Drowning in Daylight tracklisting:

01. Drowning in Daylight, Never Ending
02. Waves From Above, Never Ceasing
03. Seas of Shores, Forever Sweeping
04. You and Me, Forever Reaching

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