Califone reissue Sometimes Good Weather Follows Bad People on vinyl (darn, I was hoping they’d release it on Spotify)

Califone reissue Sometimes Good Weather Follows Bad People on vinyl (darn, I was hoping they'd release it on Spotify)

A: Hey, have you heard of this stuff “vinyl”? I guess it’s some space-age polymer thing that they use on the International Space Station.

B: Oh, really? Wow. What, like for some super-radiation resistant sci-fi heat shields or something like that?

A: No. What the fuck? They use it to play records. Duh.

B: Ohhhhhh. Like, the new, first-time-ever-on-vinyl double LP expanded edition release of Califone’s Sometimes Good Weather Follows Bad People, which was composed of the band’s first two EPs plus a few new songs and originally released on CD by the Glitterhouse label in 2000, and that’s available on November 6 (pre-order now) in an expanded edition on double vinyl format replete with “deluxe tip-on gatefold jacket with all new artwork” (including the original album tracks and four previously unreleased outtakes from the final Red Red Meat recording sessions) thanks to the Jealous Butcher label???

A: Umm. Yes? Was that a question? I… I forgot what we were even talking about.

B: Yeah, no, you were talking about how the Califone double LP comes with a free digital download and how the first 300 pre-orders come on super-limited-edition translucent light blue vinyl.

A: I was? What the fuck is a califone?

Side A
01. On the Steeple With the Shakes (X-mas Tigers)
02. Silvermine Pictures
03. Pastry Sharp
04. To Hush a Sick Transmission
05. Dime Fangs

Side B
06. Red Food Old Heat
07. Down Eisenhower Sun Up With Mule
08. To Hush a Sick Transmission [Unedit]
09. When the Snakehandler Slips

Side C
10. Electric Fence
11. St. Martha Let it Fold
12. Beneath the Yachtsman
13. Don’t Let Me Die Nervous
14. Dock Boggs

Side D (previous unreleased)
15. Bathwater
16. June Rat
17. Pastry Shart (Download)
18. A Horse Sized Pill

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