Carla Bozulich (Evangelista) preps new album under her Christian name, I guess because she’s just more REAL than you

Carla Bozulich (Evangelista) preps new album under her Christian name, I guess because she's just more REAL than you

Hey! Good to see you! Come in! How about some hot cocoa? Here ya go, friend. Say, you’ve met Carla Bozulich, right? You know, leader of our favorite art-punk band that starts with the letters E and V, Evangelista? No? Well that’s cool; you’re about to! Come with me!

Hi, Carla! This here is [SAVVY TMT READER X]. [SAVVY TMT READER X], this is Carla. She’s a cool singer and songwriter and artist and stuff. In fact, she’ll be releasing her first proper solo album of original material (in 2003, she released an album-length cover of Willie Nelson’s Red Headed Stranger, can you believe that?) on March 4 via the Constellation label. It’s called Boy and will see release as a vinyl, a CD, and a formless, shapeless digital download… thing, right Carla?

Don’t be modest! See, Carla won’t tell you this herself I’m sure, but she played the majority of the instruments and made the album artwork herself! Although; yeah, she also worked with this dude John Eichenseer (a.k.a. JHNO). What did your press release say about John, again, Carla? Didn’t he provide “musical and technical input throughout the two-plus years of the making of the album,” during which you guys totally traveled “all over North America, Europe, South America and India — with a particularly fruitful burst of writing on a tiny island off the coast of Istanbul”? Damn, that seems like interesting stuff! Oh, and tell [SAVVY TMT READER X] about how you also subsequently joined up with Italian drummer Andrea Belfi in Berlin to record the record! Amazing stories! You’re the coolest, Carla. Can’t wait for the album.

Ooh, speaking of which, remind me again, isn’t one of the songs on it called “Deeper Than the Well”? Maybe we three could all sit down and listen to it together, if it’s embedded online somewhere? Awww, I’m just so glad you two got to know each other a little bit. This is making me so happy! More hot cocoa anyone?

Boy tracklist:

01. Ain’t No Grave
02. One Hard Man
03. Drowned to the Light
04. Don’t Follow Me
05. Gonna Stop Killing
06. Deeper Than the Well
07. Danceland
08. Lazy Crossbones
09. What Is It Baby?
10. Number X

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