Chance the Rapper announces new album out in July — or, as it’s heretofore to be called: “Chance The Rapper Month”

Chance the Rapper announces new album out in July — or, as it's heretofore to be called: "Chance The Rapper Month"
All those still-remaining "3" hats aren't gonna sell themselves!

Last night, Chance the Rapper (the rapper) took to his Instagram to post a video, as you do (when you’re not rapping). In it, he reflected on some things. The four year anniversary of his OpenMike program at SocialWorks Chicago, his upcoming marriage, the new album he’s releasing in July, political efforts in Chicago. Wait… WHAAA!?!?

That’s right, Chance the Rapper just casually announced that he has a new album coming out in July!

There’s no further mention of a tracklisting, or a firm release date. All we really know is that this album is the follow-up to Coloring Book, that July is the month it will be released in, and that, all things considered, Chance will probably have to start cranking out some “4” hats ASAP.

And while it would be nice to know if any of the six singles Chance released in 2018 are included, or if the album will be more of a Cancer or a Leo, or hell, if this album is the album Chance was allegedly making with Kanye, knowing that the album exists at all somehow feels like enough.

So, July. Mark it down, don’t make any vacation plans, and refrain from achieving personal milestones. You’re going to want that whole month blocked off. It’s the only way you can truly be ready the moment Chance decides that any particular second of July is the time to release his new album, which again — in case you skimmed to the end looking for the release date even though it’s also in the title — is out in July.

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