Chance The Rapper drops The Big Day, featuring everyone but Kanye West

Chance The Rapper drops The Big Day, featuring everyone but Kanye West

WONDERFUL NEWS, EVERYONE! Chance The Rapper has just revealed that Tiny Mix Tapes is his favorite music webzine!!

Wait, what? It was PaRappa the Rapper!? Who gives a shit about that stupid mutt!!!! Not me, that’s for damn sure!!!!

What I do give a shit about is Chance The Rapper’s The Big Day, which is his debut studio album and his first solo release since 2016’s The Coloring Book and boasts 22 tracks and was preceded by lead single “GRoCERIES” and was NOT released at midnight and as such was pissing off fans and features artists like Nicki Minaj/En Vogue/Justin Vernon/Ben Gibbard and features producers like Pi’erre Bourne/Nate Fox/Timbaland/Murda Beatz and, in contrast to his early mixtapes, is actually being SOLD this time. Always good to give the free market a “chance.” シ

Kanye is glaringly missing here, which could very well mean their 7-song album might be around the corner. If I’m wrong, I quit music journalism.

The Big Day tracklist:

01. All Day Long
02. Do You Remember
03. Eternal
04. Hot Shower
05. We Go High
06. I Got You (Always and Forever)
07. Photo Ops (Skit)
08. Roo
09. The Big Day
10. Let’s Go on the Run
11. Handsome
12. Big Fish
13. Ballin Flossin
14. 4 Quarters in the Black (Skit)
15. 5 Year Plan
16. Get a Bag
17. Slide Around
18. Sun Comes Down
19. Found a Good One (Single No More)
20. Town on the Hill
21. Our House (Skit)
22. Zanies and Fools

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