Charli XCX finishes third studio album, “massive announcement” coming this month

Charli XCX finishes third studio album, "massive announcement" coming this month

“You have no idea how fucking hard it is to just release a free fucking mixtape in 2017.”
– Charli XCX

I feel that. I’ve been trying to release my own mixtape for years, but it’s almost like no one wants to hear chopped-and-screwed musique concrète! Not the case with Charli XCX, though. Coming off two TMT-approved mixtapes since 2014’s Sucker, Charli has finally — FINALLY — confirmed the release of her third studio album (of chopped-and-screwed musique concrète?). The announcement came via social media, of course: “THINKIN BOUT THE FACT THAT I’M GONNA MAKE A MASSIVE ANNOUNCEMENT THIS MONTH *cough cough* it’s about my ALBUM (which i’ve finished). r u ready?”

So, yes, she hasn’t unveiled the title yet, and yes, we don’t have a firm release date. But with four and a half years of frustrating setbacks and a shit-ton of one-off singles/guest appearances — the most recent being her collabo with BTS — we’d expect nothing less than drama and excitement surrounding a new Charli album.

“I didn’t go small on this, I really went all in,” said Charli XCX to NME. “Maybe too in, so I really wanna prep people. Since the mixtapes, I’ve really wanted to push my sound and push pop as far as it can go. I feel really proud of the music that I’ve made, so I really want the songs to have as much of a moment individually as possible. There are definitely lots of more experimental moments. I’ve been working with some really great producers from A. G. Cook to Nömak, who is really incredible at sound design.”

Sounds pretty, pretty, pretty cool. Let’s do this, Charli.

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