Chicago-based experimental musician TALsounds “stream of conscious-izes” her first LP, Love Sick, on Ba Da Bing

Chicago-based experimental musician TALsounds "stream of conscious-izes" her first LP, Love Sick, on Ba Da Bing
Anyone else feeling a little intimidated?

When it comes to the music we dig the most, many of us who profess to have “a taste for the experimental” might irrationally take the more “classical” inclinations of such traditional music programs as Chicago’s Northwestern University as some sort of an “affront” and feel inclined to protest against what we see as the kind of static thinking currently permeating most of America’s formal music education.

Luckily, TALsounds a.k.a. Natalie Chami decided on a much more productive use of her time: instead of actively boycotting university training because of its lack of synth/sampler gear, she simply decided to give her solo self the “space to meditate on sound” — as she elaborated in an interview with us a few years ago. Her preoccupation with creating “choral like ambiance/noise” would eventually lead to her membership in the l’éternèbre duo and the Good Willsmith trio, but as present news indicates, the independent TALsounds project has recently risen to claim the majority Chami’s conscious attention (either that, or she got sick of having to smell all those other people while working with them).

You were probably both lucky and smelly if one of TALsounds’s previous cassettes entered your literal hands. But now, the vinyl LP Love Sick, her first release under the solo moniker, is about to make smelly, lucky humans of us all when it comes out June 2 via Ba Da Bing.

In case the vid for the album track “Disgrace” doesn’t send your mouse scurrying to its pre-order page, feel free to investigate the prior Lifter + Lighter for more retroactive-convincing that this lurvly combo of synth and vocals is worth your time.

Love Sick tracklisting:

01. I Saw The Way
02. Grace
03. Disgrace
04. See Through
05. I Can’t Sleep
06. 11:11
07. Home
08. Crossing Lines
09. You’re Trying To Drive
10. My Side My Sign
11. Oceans Passed
12. Stories

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