Chief Keef announces Peacocks, Peacoat’s, Flavor, & Paper with Metro Boomin

Chief Keef announces Peacocks, Peacoat's, Flavor, & Paper with Metro Boomin

In case you didn’t already get the memo, Halloween is looking nicely stacked for hip-hop drops at the minute (and who knows whether or not Death Grips will unleash their Bottomless Pit on that most spooky of holidays?). But now, you can consider it FUCKIN’ stacked, with Chief Keef’s announcement of a collaborative EP with Metro Boomin. Of course, y’all already know about Metro’s earth-shattering contributions to the production game this year, and paired with Sosa’s ever-mutating style — I daren’t call it a “flow” at this stage — it ought to wreak all kinds of sonic havoc come October 31.

The name of this Almighty rupture, you ask? Peacocks, Peacoat’s, Flavor, & Paper, so notch that one into your diary, if you can find the space. Keef recently hooked up with Sean Kingston on “Murda Mook”, coincidentally produced by Metro Boomin, and you can stream it right here:

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