Chief Keef doubles your “pleasure” and “fun” by dropping two mixtapes this week

Chief Keef doubles your "pleasure" and "fun" by dropping two mixtapes this week

Last Halloween, I had the pleasure of blasting my costumed friends’ faces with Back from the Dead 2, because my pal Keef the Chief had just dropped it. It was a fun and spooky Halloween, and I hoped to reenact it this year by blasting Back from the Dead 3 under similar circumstances. Alas, Keef robbed me of this opportunity by not releasing the tape in time, but according to HotNewHipHop, the Almighty So, in his circumspect wisdom, has opted instead to drop the frightful tape tomorrow. November 13. A Friday. Spooky. I’m texting my buds right now and telling them to pull their topical costumes back out of the closet.

And that apparently wasn’t even spooky enough for ol’ Sosa, because on Saturday, November 14, he plans to drop yet another tape: Finally Rollin 2. He’s even provided a tracklist for that one, and it includes a song called “Where Ya At,” which may or may not be a remix of the Drake-featuring Future track off of Dirty Sprite 2. Only time will tell.

Oh look, my friend Belinda just texted me back and said she’d love to hang out tomorrow and have me play Chief Keef mixtapes at a very high volume. What a great friend.

Finally Rollin 2 tracklist:

01. Stunting Like My Mama
02. Foes
03. Black Ops 3
04. Law & Order
05. Who Dat
06. Obama
07. Flattered
08. Getting Wild
09. Get Your Mind Right
10. Chicago Zoo
11. Early Morning Getting It
12. I’m Da Man
13. X
14. Madder
15. In Your Face
16. Flex On
17. Dismiss
18. Jumanji
19. Where Ya At

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