Chief Keef to produce Young Chop’s next mixtape

Chief Keef to produce Young Chop's next mixtape

My mom asked why I haven’t written any TMT news stories in a while, and I’m just like, “Gosh, get off my back, Mom. Geesh!” After doing my best Napoleon Dynamite impression (I’ve been working on it all summer), my mom continues, “Why don’t you write something about that Chief Keef?” Again with the Chief Keef! She just doesn’t stop. So here I am writing a brief update on how Chief Keef is set to produce the upcoming Young Chop mixtape.

HotNewHipHop reported that Young Chop announced Chief Keef’s involvement on an Instagram post, where he said, “This bitch making all the beats to my next tape.” And so it was written. Of course, Young Chop has made a ton of beats for Chief Keef, including Sosa’s biggest hit, “I Don’t Like,” so now the favor is being returned.

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