Chris Corsano’s Hot Cars Warp label to release Byron Coley’s Dating Tips for Touring Bands on July 23

Chris Corsano's Hot Cars Warp label to release Byron Coley's Dating Tips for Touring Bands on July 23

Byron Coley — author, music journalist, poet, and head of Ecstatic Yod Records — is releasing his first full-length spoken word LP on psycho-drummer Chris Corsano’s Hot Cars Warp label (the hot car thing happened to one of my LPs once and I was furious).

Byron Coley has been a part of your life, and some of you probably didn’t even realize it because you’re some tween millennial with his thumb up his ass talking about the new Kanye record when there is no reason you should give a shit about that. You see, Coley is one of the first music writers to really document indie rock from its inception to the present day, having written for Forced Exposure, NY Rocker, Boston Rock, Take It!, Spin, The Wire, and Arthur. His label, Ecstatic Yod (a.k.a. Father Yod), has put out music by Destroy All Monsters, Picks & Lighters (remember their record with the stovetop eye burned into a blank vinyl jacket? no? fuck you), Gang Wizard, and Nels Cline. He has contributed liner notes to records by Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr., Yo La Tengo, and the Flaherty/Corsano duo. When you watched those documentaries on Half Japanese and The Minutemen, Coley was one of those experts in there giving you the FACTS. You’ve also probably read his biography on Chuck fucking Norris.

Anyway, the record, titled Dating Tips for Touring Bands, is due out July 23, and it features, on the A-side, segments of underground cultural history done in verse, and then on the B-side, Coley reads an abridged chapter from his forthcoming novel, Dominoes.

Side A tracklist:

01. Beefheart
02. Club For Friars
03. Go! Tigers!
04. Dating Tips for Touring Bands
05. Superman 2
06. Kanada
07. Peter Cooper Village
08. Birds Poem
09. Birth Of A Nation
10. Living & Dining in the West
11. Fuck You Lew
12. Semiotics of Rock
13. One for Jack
14. Punk Day

Side B tracklist:

01. Closer (excerpt): from the forthcoming Byron Coley novel Dominoes

• Hot Cars Warp:
• Ecstatic Yod:

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