Cibo Matto announce Fall Flavor tour with Nels Cline

Cibo Matto announce Fall Flavor tour with Nels Cline

Cibo Matto will be touring to support their righteous album Hotel Valentine this coming September and October, and Nels Cline will be joining them! So. Now that old chestnut of an excuse, “I would go if Nels Cline was playing with them” won’t really work out for ya, huh, buddy? Might as well kill two birds with one stoner. Nels! Miho! Yuka! Together! At last! Playing on stage and freaking everyone out at once. Bliss awaits you if you let it. Just submit, you silly goose.

Need more convincing? Okay, fine. See their wild video for “MFN” below. It’ll feel like you’re watching Squirt TV back in da 90s, and who doesn’t wish that was the case?

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