Co La and Max D team up as Lifted for album on PAN

Co La and Max D team up as Lifted for album on PAN

Bill Kouligas’ PAN label doesn’t fit the mold of any particular sound or style, and proudly so. In fact, being impossible to shoehorn is a remit in of itself, and bringing listeners some of the most interesting, genre-defying, new music out there is business as usual for Kouligas and crew.

Naturally, the Lifted project for the label follows suit. A meeting of Matt Papich (a.k.a. Co La) and Max D (a.k.a Maxmillon Dunbar), 1 documents an improv-heavy session of slick electronics and free-falling techno. And that’s not all: the album also includes contributions from Gigi Masin, Eklund, Jeremy Hyman, and Jordan GCZ (of Juju & Jordash fame) coalescing into a cosmic set freed from typical structure and form, a synthesis of the respective talents and idiosyncrasies of those involved. Factor in PAN’s uniformly excellent packaging and 1 is yet another surefire success; an abstract, fragmentary summer record for the discerning listener.

1 drops today. Try the closing track, “Medicated Yoga”, below:

1 tracklisting:

01. 3D
02. Intoo
03. Lift
04. Total Care Zero
05. Bell Slide
06. Silver
07. Mint
08. Medicated Yoga

• PAN:

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