Coachwhips announce “loogie-shined” reissue of Get Yer Body Next Ta Mine

Coachwhips announce "loogie-shined" reissue of Get Yer Body Next Ta Mine

Before Thee Oh Sees, before The Ohsees, and before OCS, big man John Dwyer had a band called Coachwhips, and they were notorious for insanely loud garage punk. After a day-long hiatus when Coachwhips broke up, I remember seeing Dwyer perform at The Smell with his other, folkier band OCS. All of 17 years old, I walked up to him at the merch table and introduced myself, asking why he’d ended the Coachwhips like that. He shrugged and said that it just got boring. Boring, playing the same powerchords with the same squalid distortion in two-minute bursts.

But Dwyer was in denial, because he’ll never be able to escape that heavy sound. And over the past eight years, Thee Oh Sees has morphed into a heavier beast, sounding more and more like his former project. Now, to make things even more confusing, Dwyer has announced a “loogie-shined” reissue of seminal Coachwhips LP Get Yer Body Next Ta Mine via his label Castle Face. According to the label, these mixes have been tweaked “with the scuzz and squall crackling ever so slightly and revealing a coffee-can of earworms underneath.” Less scuzz and more fuzz, it seems. The revised Get Yer Body Next Ta Mine drops on August 19 and, like Goldilocks, we’ll find out if Dwyer’s optimal amount of heaviness has finally been reached.

Get Yer Body Next Ta Mine tracklist:

01. I Put It In, Way Down South
02. 1000 Years
03. Like Food, It Feeds
04. Tonights the Night
05. Just One Time
06. Manner in Which the Girl Was Treated
07. UFO, Please Take Her Home
08. Hey Stiffie
09. Couldn’t Find Love
10. Nife Fight
11. My Baby, I Killed Her
12. Yes, I’m Down
13. Other Man
14. Get Yer Body Next Ta Mine

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