Cold Cave announce cold-ass winter tour of the cold-ass USA

Cold Cave announce cold-ass winter tour of the cold-ass USA
Photo: Amy Lee

Hello, dear fans of coldness and isolation. With the winter solstice mere days away, allow me to be the first to say: Welcome…To YOUR SEASON. Finally, it’s time to do absolutely nothing and avoid physical contact with absolutely everyone for the blissfully miserable span of the next three months. You’ve earned this.

I know you’re not even THINKING of leaving the house any time soon…but luckily for you, COLD CAVE (the official mascots of coldness and isolation) aren’t thinking of leaving the house any time soon either. They’re merely doing you the courtesy of giving plenty of notice that they’re gonna be begrudgingly leaving the cave to tour the abysmal USA this February.

Technically, they’re touring on the chilly back of this past year’s You & Me & Infinity EP; but they also insist in a press release that “new music” is “on the way.”

Tickets for the band’s daring winter run (which includes support from Detroit electro duo Adult and LA-based post-punkers Sextile) are on sale now. But DON’T PANIC; you ain’t gotta leave the house or nothin’. If you want to procure some (the full list of dates is below), just click here. What a time to be alive borderline-agoraphobic!

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