Cold Cave to release Full Cold Moon on vinyl, here’s hoping the vinyl is cold moon-colored…

Cold Cave to release Full Cold Moon on vinyl, here's hoping the vinyl is cold moon-colored...

Ah, darkwave music. Gotta love it, right? Damp, spooky, messy, awkward… kinda like the results of the last time I tried to make crepes for breakfast! LOL!

Hey, speaking of crepes! Crepes are kinda shaped like VINYL. Which is just too serendipitous, because that’s just what this article is really about: darkwave champ Wesley Eisold — a.k.a. Cold Cave — officially releasing last year’s EP compilation release Full Cold Moon (which was only available on the far less crepe-shaped medium of the CD at the time) on full-on, 12-inch crepe-pan-sized vinyl for the very first time! Convenient AND delicious-sounding, wouldn’t you say?

But wait. What’s that? You’re “darkwave” and therefore can’t waste your exuberance unless it’s on something truly special?? Why should you care??? Well, specifically, this will mark the first-ever vinyl appearance of the song “Dandelion,” as well as the entire Nausea, the Earth and Me EP, which was only available previously as a limited CD or digital-type thing. So come on. Buck up and get excited (or whatever it is you do).

Oh yeah. And the whole thing is going down on June 16 via the Deathwish Inc. label. Why June 16, you ask? Why not, like, I don’t know… Record Store Day or something? Pssssssht! Because that’d be way too logical and predictable and profitable. And if there’s three things that darkwave is NOT, it’s logical, predictable, and profitable. Come on, you knew that.

Full Cold Moon tracklisting:

01. A Little Death to Laugh
02. Young Prisoner Dreams of Romance
03. Tristan Corbiére
04. Oceans with No End
05. People Are Poison
06. God Made the World
07. Dandelion
08. Black Boots
09. Meaningful Life
10. Nausea, the Earth and Me
11. Don’t Blow Up the Moon
12. Beaten 1979

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