Coldplay announce new album, news of which hopefully goads Radiohead back into the studio

Coldplay announce new album, news of which hopefully goads Radiohead back into the studio

Okay, okay; what’s rattling around in the TMT news queue this morning? Hmm.


Anything else?

Not really.

New album news or something?

Boy, why the heck do you talk to yourself so much? Yeah. Monday, May 19 (probably May 20 in the US, I’d think?), via Parlophone/Atlantic.

Eh. Well, okay, skim the press release, at least… skimming, skimming… looks to be called Ghost Stories. Says they’re trying to sell hard-copy CD versions of the thing at Target with some “Deluxe CD edition” of the album that has “three bonus tracks” (weird, right? But… you know, Coldplay).

Wow, yeah, looks like there’s only nine tracks on the regular version. Maybe that means its kinda… artsy? Eh, who cares.

Oh, but it’s also up for pre-order on iTunes right now, and the pre-order comes with a download of the first single, “Magic.”

There’s probably a clip of that song somewhere, then, yeah?

Yeah, yeah. Found one. Okay. Anything else?

Hmm, they’re headlining the opening night of “the first US iTunes Festival” at SXSW on March 11, streaming live and on-demand from the iTunes Store? Could mention that.

Okay, okay. Well, whatever. Not much else in the queue right now. Seems like you could write this one up pretty easily. Just get it done.

Should I maybe listen to the single first or something?

Naw. Just think of Chris Martin crooning and some watery, delay-ed out piano and a dull drum machine and stuff. You got this. Ooh, let’s put some Radiohead on, though.

K. King of Limbs, maybe?

Fuck no.

Ghost Stories tracklisting:

01. Always in My Head
02. Magic
03. Ink
04. True Love
05. Midnight
06. Another’s Arms
07. Oceans
08. A Sky Full of Stars
09. O

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