Constellation Tatsu follows up “Summer Batch” with “Fall Batch,” five new tapes for you to score soon

Constellation Tatsu follows up "Summer Batch" with "Fall Batch," five new tapes for you to score soon

Constellation Tatsu knows that 2014 is almost up, but they aren’t going down without getting a few more warped, ambient cassettes into your greedy little hands. Steven Ramsey’s Oakland-based label has had a quite a year so far, putting out tapes by Pulse Emitter and Hakobune, along with a host of others. Information on the forthcoming batch is somewhat scarce, but new Tatsu is new Tatsu, so let’s get excited~~!!

There will be a “Fall Batch” of four cassettes released November 1. First up is the surprisingly difficult to Google Night & Tickets with the well-titled Actually I Really Hate Summer. Montreal-based composer Kara-Lis Coverdale will materialize her previously digital-only collection A 480, while Philadelphia zoner Xepter Rose drifts off through Selenitic Landscapes. Finally, Food Pyramid member Chris Farstad re-dons his 555 alias for a follow up to this year’s Moon Glyph-issued CS Nine Gates with Swan River Yogue.

If you really feel like planning ahead, Tatsu has a special “Holiday Recess Tape” planned for December 1 release: Meditations on Mindfulness comes from Brian Griffith’s GREYGHOST project.

Nothing’s available for order yet, and no streams are up, but keep your eyeballs on TMT or CTATSU HQ for all the freshest updates.

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