Constellation Tatsu announces spring tape batch, shares track by L’eoscombu Couti

Constellation Tatsu announces spring tape batch, shares track by L'eoscombu Couti
Cover art for L'eoscombu Couti's Five Cambridge Utilities

It would be senseless to say that a label specializing in mellow, ambient tapes could be “shredding it,” but I can think of no other way to describe the glorious sounds emanating from Oakland, CA’s Constellation Tatsu. If you haven’t had a deeply emotional experience while listening to one or more of these tapes, then you need to set aside a weekend and lose yourself.

Okay, so the label has four, count ‘em, FOUR tapes dropping May 23, including the Tatsu debuts of Yorishiro (I), H Takahashi (Body Trip), and L’eoscombu Couti (Five Cambridge Utilities); the only returning act in this batch is Dang Olsen Dream Tape (the appropriately titled Zonk ). Back in February, we premiered tracks from all three tapes from that batch, and you might be wondering if we’re gonna do it again. The short answer is no. But before you click away, we here at TMT are big fans of portion control, and we don’t want to fill you up on the appetizers before the main course. So, streaming below is “U-III” from L’eoscombu Couti’s Five Cambridge Utilities.

The sparse, dreamy guitar tones should sate your appetite before the May 23 release date, when all four new releases will be available in cassette and digital formats. Drone on, and be well!

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