Cut Hands announces Festival of the Dead LP for Blackest Ever Black, shares spooky track

Cut Hands announces Festival of the Dead LP for Blackest Ever Black, shares spooky track

Evil shaman and former Whitehouse front man William Bennett a.k.a. Cut Hands has released a couple LPs worth of inspired “afro noise” under his solo moniker, which embalms rich African percussion in abrasive textures. Now the veteran artist has announced that his third record, Festival of the Dead, will be released via Blackest Ever Black, which is kinda funny if you think about it. Not as funny as his cover of Toto’s “Africa” though.

In an accompanying press release, Festival of the Dead has been touted as “music to dance together with, to oblivion, a music both spectacular and ecstatic where, like never before, the spirits of santería and vaudou mix with raw electricity into burning diabolical polyrhythms.” We’re talking noisy voodoo death music guys — Día de Muertos, Dawn of the Dead, and pale goth techno rolled into one. Along with the record details, Bennett has shared opening cut “The Claw,” which has the rapturous bounce of a serious drum circle, only with brutal and shrill drum sounds. Until Festival of the Dead drops on October 13, check out the LP’s full tracklist and “The Claw” below.

Festival of the Dead tracklist:

01. The Claw
02. I Know What I Must Do
03. Damballah 58
04. Parataxic Distortion
05. Festival of the Dead
06. Belladonna Theme
07. Vaudou Take Me High
08. Inlightenment
09. None of Your Bones Are Broken
10. Madwoman (Festival Mix)
11. Fruit Is Ripe
12. Fire Ends the Day

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