DâM-FunK set to drop funk-loving DJ-Kicks mix

DâM-FunK set to drop funk-loving DJ-Kicks mix

You love funk, right? I mean, you’re only human after all.

And being a lover of funk, you will of course be aware of the inimitable DâM-FunK who has a love of funk deeper than anyone on the planet right now. Chances are that if you are younger than 35 years old, the main reason that you love funk is because DâM-FunK has spearheaded the recent rise of funk, making the space for Bruno Mars and his mates to step inside the funk dome and funk around for a while.

Now, as well as loving funk, DâM-FunK loves you, and because DâM-FunK loves you, he’s created a special mix for you and asked the good folks at DJ Kicks to put it on disc (and digital) and let you partake in the multi-direction funk-loving session when it lands on May 27. The mix includes gems from his legendary DJ sets, including rare cuts from the first wave of funk and some of the best modern proponents in the art of funk, including an exclusive DâM-FunK track, “Believer.”

If you head over to the !K7 store, you can pre-order a copy and grab an exclusive 10-inch featuring two of the rarest tracks from the mix.


01. Moon B - Oof
02. Nicci Gable - Close To Who?
03. Randell & Schippers - Love Jam
04. Verticle Lines - Theme From Beach Boy
05. Brandon - Suzy Hijack
06. Take Three - Tonite’s The Night (All Right)
07. Index - Starlight
08. Uncle Jams Army - Dial-A-Freak
09. Gemini - Log In
10. Nexus - Stand Up (Instrumental)
11. Reggie B - Poison Candy
12. L33 - Keepin It Tight
13. Gaussian Curve - Broken Clouds
14. Tony Palkovic - True To Yourself
15. Henning - Arrival / Departure
16. Nite-Funk - Can U Read Me?
17. DaM-FunK - Believer
18. True Design - I Wanna Break
19. Crystal Winds - Funk Ain’t Easy

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