Danish experimental duo Kyo to release I Musik on Posh Isolation

Danish experimental duo Kyo to release I Musik on Posh Isolation
Unbusy music for very busy people.

I have to admit, I get my punk, dark wave, and electronic Copenhagen acts mixed up all the time. All those beautiful blonde men in white dress shirts and cuffed slacks? C’mon, who could blame me? (And yes, I’m aware the description basically only applies to Iceage circa 2013.)

Aaaanyway, Kyo’s press release comes to the rescue: the duo is comprised of Hannes Norrvide (best known as the frontman of Lust for Youth) and Frederik Valentin (whose experimental solo debut, Amager Strand, came out last year as a limited vinyl release). Now, the two have announced their third studio album of crepuscular ambient vistas, I Musik, out March 24 on Posh Isolation.

Kyo’s sophomore LP (ICYMI, OMG) was a studied exercise in electro-acoustic eclecticism; I Musik seemingly continues in that vein, yet it also “presents another wondrous movement in the narrative, like discovering a secret escalator that passes everything you want from a new angle. […] The melodramatic pause that their previous album circled with enthusiasm is now considered from a greater distance.” Beautifully written, and, from what I can tell on first listen, accurate.

But don’t take myears for it. Check out the album’s opening track, “Universal Audio,” for yourself down below, and keep at least one browser tab on Posh Isolation for any upcoming ordering and complete tracklisting info.

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