Danny Brown joins producer Paul White on his Accelerator EP

Danny Brown joins producer Paul White on his Accelerator EP

In 2016, TMT loved Danny Brown’s latest album Atrocity Exhibition so much that it landed in the top 10 of our favorite music releases for the year.

It wasn’t just the tastemakers here at TMT though; people went rightly nuts about Atrocity Exhibition largely on account of what we described as the “tenebrous, psychedelic soundscapes of frequent collaborator Paul White.”

Never one to let a party die out too soon, Brown has just announced (thx Pitchfork) a new collaborative EP with Paul White called Accelerator, which will be released February 10 (next Friday) on R&S Records. It features the title track and a B-side called “Lion’s Den,” plus instrumental versions of both tracks. (Speaking of instrumentals, you can delve into the latest free beat tape by Paul White called Everything You’ve Forgotten here.)

The 12-inch version of Accelerator has already sold out, but go here to pre-order the digital release.

Accelerator EP tracklist:

01. Accelerator
02. Accelerator instrumental
03. Lion’s Den
04. Lion’s Den instrumental

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