David Bowie returns with new single, news of new album, wanderlust for Germany

David Bowie returns with new single, news of new album, wanderlust for Germany

If you didn’t jump out of bed at the sound of your alarm clock this morning like it was Christmas morning, you should have, for David Bowie has surprised the world with the announcement of a new record. Titled The Next Day, the album will be Bowie’s 30th and his first in almost a decade. Out on Columbia Records on March 11 everywhere except Down Under (where it will be released on March 8, something to do with their toilets flushing in the opposite direction), the first single has already been released with an accompanying video that you can view below.

Featuring a conjoined twin doll with Bowie’s face projected on to one of the heads and scenes of a pre-unified Berlin playing in the background, the short film by Tony Oursler has some speculating that Bowie may be returning to his famed trio of experimental records from the 70s as inspiration. The song, titled “Where Are We Now?”, includes a smorgasbord of German words and is contemplative in tone. Reuters is also reporting that the album artwork references the artwork of Bowie’s album Heroes from 1977, the second in the so-called Berlin Trilogy. Regardless of whether or not that’s true (see above and decide), it’s a great ploy to drum up even more excitement than would ordinarily be expected from this kind of announcement.

• David Bowie: http://www.davidbowie.com
• Columbia: http://www.columbia.co.uk

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