David Grubbs stealthily announces that his latest album, Creep Mission, will come creeping our way next month

David Grubbs stealthily announces that his latest album, Creep Mission, will come creeping our way next month

David Grubbs is such a nice dude.

He rang me the other day, I didn’t recognise the number because apparently he changes numbers regularly to keep “the man” on his toes, but basically he just wanted to tell me to tell you that he’s got a new album coming out.

“That’s cool, man.” I said.

“You think?” he asked, he’s such a humble bloke, you see?

“I DO think Grubbsy.” That’s what I call him. “Especially if it’s anything like last year’s album Primrose.”

“Well you’re in luck, because this album basically picks up where Primrose left off because it’s more of me and Eli Keszler doing our guitar and drum thing. So I reckon you’ll like it.”


“Oh, and it’s also got Nate Wooley playing trumpet and Jan St. Werner just destroying the whole thing in a digitally beautiful way like she always does. It’s insane.” I started to think that Grubbsy was really quite keen for me to hear this album. So I indulged him slightly.

“Stop teasing me, when can I hear this, mate?” I demanded.

“Not till September 22, when Drag City and Blue Chopsticks release it…unless you maybe want a dropbox link, if you can keep it on the down-low?”

“Down-low? You haven’t even told me what the name of the album is.”

“Sorry man, it’s Creep Mission, and I’m kinda having second thoughts, my label will totally yell at me if this album leaks, so I better not risk it. Frankly, I’m even a little leery of giving you the pre-order info.”

“Sure, leave me hanging then, I understand. I’ll just post a solid track from that last album down below to get people up to speed. But please, just give me a one sentence description to tie me over till September 22.” Grubbsy, being Grubbsy, obliged in the most magnificent way.

“File under: melancholy raga, sludge-rock, pointalistic electroacoustics, and nylon string miniatures.” he said before hanging up the phone, leaving a dial tone and the sound of about a month’s worth of anticipation ringing in my ears.

Creep Mission tracklisting:

01. Slylight
02. Creep Mission
03. The Bonapartes of Baltimore
04. Jeremiadaic
05. Jack Dracula in a Bar
06. Return of The Creep
07. The C in Certain

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