DAWN confirms new album for early 2019, shares video for first track “Jealousy”

DAWN confirms new album for early 2019, shares video for first track "Jealousy"

*nostalgic sigh* It seems like only five months exactly since I let you in on a little secret involving DAWN (aka Dawn Richard) and a certain 2019 album in the works over at her camp. Well, a lot can change in 41.66% of a year, but sometimes things stay the same, instead. What I’m trying to say is that DAWN has officially confirmed a new album will be out in “early 2019” through Local Action/Our Dawn Entertainment. So I guess I’ll see you in another five months!

Nah, I’m just joshin’ — there’s more! To celebrate the healthy start of new album promotional cycle, DAWN has shared the first track from the new album via a new video directed by Monty Marsh. Here’s DAWN on the significance of the song/video:

Jealousy is a conversational record.

Everyone experiences the encounter with their partners’ ex differently. This record explains how a ninth ward girl from New Orleans handled hers. The verse is my honest letter to the ex and her admission to jealousy is the hook. This song speaks on how jealousy can be a drug.

The Visual explains my roots in the Washitaw Nation Tribe. I wanted to show New Orleans in a light most have never seen or are aware of. The Black Indian and Power of our traditional garb are shown in the visual. Chief Montana created my hand sewn headpiece representing the power of being both King and Queen. Our tribes spend all year beading these costumes to then dance and show off their work among other tribes. I used this practice as a metaphor for my response to his ex. Simply that I’ve put a lot of work beading and sewing my relationship, something she will never understand or never be able to do.

Watch the video below, and prepare yourself for the DAWN of 2019.

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