The Dead C announce new LP Rare Ravers, plus a bonus reissue tape for mailbox owners!

The Dead C announce new LP Rare Ravers, plus a bonus reissue tape for mailbox owners!

Who needs a lesson in longevity? Your average geologist probably has a series of specific rock formations ready to name-drop in response, but in the context of experimental music, let’s all marvel at how The Dead C didn’t stop at their initial influence delivered via albums like Trapdoor Fucking Exit and Harsh 70s Reality. Instead, Bruce Russell, Michael Morley, and Robbie Yeats have been an understated pillar within the noise and noise rock communities literally ever since they formed in the late 1980s, and there’s positively zero sign among strangers that the trio from Middle Earth is planning to call it quits any time soon. That kind of dedication belies a life-affirming passion, and the Brooklyn-based Ba Da Bing! Records has been more than happy the provide the place setting as the band does their habitual equivalent of sitting down for a meal.

And the pasta that they’re currently slurping? It’s a new album entitled Rare Ravers, which is coming out January 18, and which you can pre-order here. Supposedly the folks at Ba Da Bing! suspected an issue with the vinyl cut after listening to the album initially — but nope! That’s just The Dead C’s characteristically sandpaper audio style!

Additionally, if you pre-order Rare Ravers, that’s your opportunity to also get a cassette release of Repent/Golden LA, which is a reissue of the 1996 live album Repent + the 2008 Golden / Canine EP + The Dead C’s tracks off their 2002 split 12-inch with Hi God People…ALL IN ONE PACKAGE. Don’t sleep, ravers.

Rare Ravers tracklisting:

01. Staver
02. Waver
03. Laver

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