The Dead C provide some more evidence that they are a real touring band by releasing 4xLP live set

The Dead C provide some more evidence that they are a real touring band by releasing 4xLP live set

Why should I believe The Dead C are real? Doesn’t it make more sense that some hidden body of power has just manufactured them to distract me from the real problems in this world? I mean, every time I pull up Democracy Now or some shit, I’m just like, “whatever world suffering, give me some FREE NOISE”.

Well, the secret forces at work on my weak mind are taking aim once again with a plan more devious than ever. Turns out The Dead C have “appeared” live a few times in the past couple decades (doubtful) and the Grapefruit Record Club has the tapes to prove it. They will be releasing a 4xLP box set consisting of recordings from five different “performances,” all of which occurred outside of the band’s native New Zealand. Something tells me this whole damn announcement is a performance.

Grapefruit is using this illusory set to cap off their quarterly subscription series, ending it after four years of releases from the likes of Richard Youngs, 200 Years, Lambchop, and Roy Montgomery. The Twelfth Spectacle (fitting) is limited to 500 copies, so scurry up and get those pre-orders in. There will also be an even-more-limited “retail version” snuck into a record store near you.

The Twelfth Spectacle tracklist:

Arena (Recorded at La Dynamo Pantin, Paris and Les Ateliers Claus, Brussels, April 2013)
01. Arena Part 1
02. Arena Part 2

Permanent LSD (Recorded at Luminaire, London, December 2006)
01. Permanent LSD Part 1
02. Permanent LSD Part 2

This Century Sucks (Recorded at The Smell, Los Angeles, March 2002)
01. This Century Sucks Part 1
02. This Century Sucks Part 2

Year of the Rat (Recorded at The Swap Meet, New York, October 2008)
01. Year of the Rat Part 1
02. Year of the Rat Part 2

Here’s a track from last year’s TMT-approved Armed Courage:

• Grapefruit Record Club:

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