Death Grips reissue early music on cassette via Deathbomb Arc

Death Grips reissue early music on cassette via Deathbomb Arc
Cover Art: Mario Zoots

Here’s one for you tape fetishists out there. Death Grips are getting a unique cassette reissue from Deathbomb Arc called Live From Death Valley. Way back in 2011, around the time of their excellent Exmilitary mixtape and Rebecca Black’s excellent “Friday,” the label released two Death Grips songs as part of their digital singles club. Live From Death Valley culls these tracks together and marks the first time they’ll be available physically. Plus, it’ll be a cassette single, which raises the cute factor tenfold.

From Deathbomb Arc:

Originally only available as a digital single, these two tracks have been requested time and again to get some sort of physical release. Well, that time has come. In late Aug we’ll be releasing this cassette single of “Poser Killer” and “Fyrd Up”.

Pre-order Live From Death Valley here, and in case you missed it, check out Deathbomb Arc’s incredible guest mix for TMT called 18 Years of Experimental Hip-Hop, which features one of the two Death Grips tracks featured on the single. You’ll never guess which one!

Live From Death Valley tracklist:

01. Poser Killer
02. Fyrd Up

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