Death Grips release album by mysterious group The I.L.Y.’s

Death Grips release album by mysterious group The I.L.Y.'s

Death Grips, who still may or may not have broken up (but have definitely released an album this year and have a tour set to start in a week), have sent the internet into a sub-Kanye-level frenzy by posting a link to an album called I’ve Always Been Good At True Love by a group called The I.L.Y’s.

Here’s the link to I’ve Always Been Good At True Love.

As with the traditional Death Grips M.O. of throwing up more questions than answers, this I.L.Y’s move is no different. For instance:

1. Is this release Death Grips endorsed?
2. Or possibly a hack?
3. But it sounds a lot like pre-Death Grips Zach Hill output, doesn’t it?
4. Is that possibly Stefan Burnett’s vocals on the track “All She Does Is Kill Shit”?
5. Why is there no aggressive rapping?
6. Is the artwork a bad painting of Marilyn Monroe with Jenny Death in the background?
7. Was 9/11 an inside job?
8. Is the band named after the American Sign Language sign for ‘I Love You,’, which co-incidentally looks a lot like the devil horns sign?

Doctors around the world are recommending fans not to hold their breath until any clarity emerges around this release, lest we’ll be writing about multiple deaths of Death Grips fans tomorrow.

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