Death Grips release “instrumental full-length soundtrack” Fashion Week; the powers that b likely to be released in February

Death Grips release "instrumental full-length soundtrack" Fashion Week; the powers that b likely to be released in February

Death Grips have just unloaded NOT jenny death but an unexpected “Instrumental Full-Length Soundtrack” called Fashion Week. At the moment, your guess is as good as ours, but it can be heard on YouTube here, SoundCloud below, or as a download here.

Also, according to Stereogum via Amazon via Scott with the chain wallet at Disc Exchange, listings for the powers that b — Death Grips’ final double album containing niggas on the moon and yet-to-surface jenny death — are popping up with a solid(-ly rumored #2015) physical release date: February 10. If you happen to have a calendar nearby, check it out and you’ll see that February 10 is a Tuesday, so this bit of news 100% checks out.

Knowing Death Grips, the digital release of jenny death will ALSO drop sometime before then without warning, but until that glorious moment, enjoy this totally unannounced set of 14 new tracks, or at least watch the video for “Inanimate Sensation.” Also peep our Favorite 50 Music Releases of 2014 because niggas is on there like it should be — suckaz.

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