Deerhunter share fall dates and “interactive concept map” for Fading Frontier

Deerhunter share fall dates and "interactive concept map" for Fading Frontier

I don’t know about you, but for me, after the initial feel-good buzz of the late-summer news that Deerhunter would indeed be releasing their next album Fading Frontier on October 16 wore off, I somehow felt even MORE DEPRESSED than usual. I’m talking serious withdrawal symptoms. I reeeeeally needed another hit. I didn’t care how innocuous. I NEEDED me some Deerhunter hype.

But AHHH, THANK goddamned GOD; no more! Because here comes some now. Sweet relief.

In an interview with Vulture Magazine, head honcho Bradford Cox shared more details concerning the upcoming mindfucking record in the form of a nifty little handdrawn (by the man himself) interactive concept map. The map explores the various influences on the record and such, and in the accompanying interview, Cox also discusses some of those influences in greater detail, as well as some classy opinions on the state of the record industry at-large:

The music industry is a giant shrieking ghost. It means nothing. It never meant much. It’s just an appalling apparition. It has no vitality. How can you expect much from someone who thinks only of profit? They’re simple creatures. I might sound so arrogant. I’m not a socialist in any dogmatic way. I don’t believe that I have the answer. I think [indie-film pioneer] John Cassavetes had the best answer for the creation and distribution of art: Pay for it yourself, do it yourself.

If you pre-order Fading Frontier from the 4AD store, you can get yourself a “free, limited edition screenprint of Bradford’s map.” Sweet! I can feel that nice little buzz rolling over me again already!

Oh, and you can scope out the map down below too. Bam. AND, there’s also a video for another song, “Breaker” down below, too. BAM. AAAND, there’s some tour dates coming up! SHA-ZAM! AH, I’m HIGH AS BALLS on these pinch-doses of Deerhunter news!

Deerhunter fall tour dates:

10.29.15 - Paris, France - Pitchfork Festival
10.30.15 - Brighton, UK - All Saints Church
10.31.15 - Liverpool, UK - Liverpool Music Week
11.01.15 - Dublin, Ireland - Button Factory
11.03.15 - Glasgow, UK - SWG3
11.04.15 - Leeds, UK - Brudenell Social Club
11.06.15 - Manchester, UK - Gorilla
11.07.15 - London, UK - Shepherds Bush Empire
11.09.15 - Tourcoing, France - Le Grand Mix
11.10.15 - Reims, France - La Cartonerrie
11.11.15 - Nimes, France - Paloma
11.12.15 - Milan, Italy - Magnolia
11.13.15 - Ravenna, Italy - Bronson
11.14.15 - Geneva, Switzerland - L’usine
11.15.15 - Zurich, Switzerland - Rote Fabrik
11.16.15 - Heidelberg, Germany - Kulturhaus Karlstorbahnhof
11.18.15 - Berlin, Germany - Lido
11.19.15 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Vega
11.21.15 - Brussels, Belgium - Botanique Orangerie
11.22.15 - Utrecht, Netherlands - Le Guess Who Festival


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