Demdike Stare announce new album Wonderland on Modern Love

Demdike Stare announce new album Wonderland on Modern Love
Wonderland's back cover image

It’s been nearly five years since Elemental was released, so it is with considerable excitement to announce that Demdike Stare (Sean Canty & Miles Whittaker) have a new album. Titled Wonderland, the nine-track release is said to feature “feral, loose-limbed and angular dancefloor variants,” following in the footsteps of their recent Testpressing series.

Wonderland is out now on vinyl via Modern Love, with a CD coming December 2. Early editions will include two extra discs composed of the entire Testpressings series.

Listen to lead single “Sourcer” for a taste:

Wonderland tracklist:

01. Curzon
02. Animal Style
03. Hardnoise
04. Blue
05. FullEdge (eMpty-40 Mix)
06. Sourcer
07. Airborne Latency
08. Fridge Challenge
09. Overstaying

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