Demdike Stare’s DDS label releases mostly unheard Shackleton dubplate + a new DDS tape

Demdike Stare's DDS label releases mostly unheard Shackleton dubplate + a new DDS tape

The only totes I’ve been keen on for the past decade are the ones through which I’ve been able to silently boast about my status as a public radio listener; for at least an imminent period, I’m willing to set aside my visual, implied homage to the TED Radio Hour in exchange for some sick, enclosed goodies: Demdike Stare’s DDS imprint has just unveiled a rare dubplate from UK producer Shackleton, alongside an hour-long mixtape from the ominous duo itself, both of which come packaged in a tote! Head over to Boomkat for the exclusive opportunity to purchase said tote and simultaneously do your part to take back the word from those self-described “random” teenagers.

More on the Shackleton 12-inch? Well, rumor has it that it was originally produced 10 years ago, prior to when he became a premiere figure on the scene, but essentially at the sunrise of the non-bastardized dubstep craze. Shackleton himself was still a genre compatriot with Appleblim through their influential Skull Disco label, and I have to think that the number of people who heard this original dubplate was limited indeed. Probably dozens at most.

Demdike Stare plan to continue their musical grave-robbing, which explains the implications of the name Archive Series: #1. Certainly, the duo’s own music (and one can assume the enclosed tape) contain plenty of dark harkening-back.

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