Dent May announces new album Warm Blanket to help keep us all nice and toasty this summer

Dent May announces new album Warm Blanket to help keep us all nice and toasty this summer

Dent May’s last album was called Do Things. Which is why I’m sure you’ll agree with me that it’s actually really, really hip and cool that we never got around to reviewing it. It was “sweet” though. Take it from me, a weird internet stranger.

Anyway, shut up; because the point IS, dear reader, that Dent May is now (much like the rest of us) SICK AND TIRED of doing things. Who wants to do things, anyway? Not me. Not when there’s so many beds to lie around in and warm blankets to cocoon myself up in. And not ol’ Dent either, apparently, because Warm Blanket just happens to be the name of his forthcoming album for Paw Tracks! Whoa! Yeah! I know, I didn’t even plan that at all! But regardless, it’s due August 27 and available on both formats that make money and that one that doesn’t! Swanky.

According to the press release, the album was recorded by Dent all on his lonesome self “in a reportedly haunted Victorian house by the bay in St. Augustine, Florida.” He played “almost all of the instruments” on the album (I’m guessing the ghost played the rest) and made liberal use of the house’s “antique grand piano.” It says here that he even recruited a few Florida locals to fill in on horns, strings, and pedal steel guitar, but that sounds a lot like the old “doing things” Dent May to me, so I don’t believe a word of it.

But I tell you what; we’ll all find out together at the end of August. In the meantime, here’s a teaser video that explains everything I just went over… only, in a much more pleasant, succinct, and polite manner… all while letting you actually hear some of the music! Jeez, I should really be fired. Good thing no one at TMT likes to do things.

Warm Blanket tracklisting:

01. Turn Up the Speakers
02. Let Them Talk
03. Born Too Late
04. Yazoo
05. Corner Piece
06. Do I Cross Your Mind?
07. It Takes a Long Time
08. I’m Ready to Be Old
09. Endlessly
10. Found a Friend
11. Summer Is Over

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