Deradoorian announces mini LP Eternal Recurrences, shares new track “Mountainside”

Deradoorian announces mini LP Eternal Recurrences, shares new track "Mountainside"
Photo: Sean Stout

The other day I walked up to a person in a tie dye shirt and asked them what their favorite Grateful Dead album was. I typically say “mine’s ‘Live at Central Park ’78,’” because that has to be an album, right? Well to make a short story long the person said the tie dye shirt was just from her “Cool High School Seniors of Color Guard” group.

The point of this story is to never make assumptions. For example, you might well be assuming that Angel Deradoorian’s solo project (as Deradoorian) sounds a lot like her work in bands like Dirty Projectors and Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks. Dude, you’re wrong. She’s her own brilliant creative person, and a wonderful contributor. Okay?

Okay. Now then: Deradoorian’s last album, The Expanding Flower, was proof of a hauntingly beautiful voice surrounded in sparse production, and this sort of vibe continues on her newest track “Mountainside,” a languid piano and flute ballad replete with subtly layered backing vocals.

Right now, you’re probably making another dangerous assumption — that “Mountainside” is the first single from the upcoming “mini album” Eternal Recurrence, which is due on Anticon on October 6. Well…actually, that’s exactly right. But you got lucky.

Eternal Recurrence tracklisting:

01. Love Arise
02. Return-Transcend
03. Ausar Temple
04. Nia In The Dark
05. Mountainside
06. Mirrorman

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