Detroit vets Omar-S and OB Ignitt releasing joint 12-inch EP in June

Detroit vets Omar-S and OB Ignitt releasing joint 12-inch EP in June

Alex “Omar” Smith and Omar Harper a.k.a. Omar-S and OB Ignitt, two Detroit dance music veterans, will drop their second collaborative 12-inch EP The 90’s Evolution of What it Was through Harper’s year-old label OBONIT (pronounced OB On It!) in late June. The three-tracker follows Wayne County Hill Cop’s (Part 2), which was released through Omar-S’s label FXHE in 2012. In the interim, Ignitt, to shorten it as such, has dropped a number of solo EPs through FXHE, including Oh Jabba, which, given the vibe of the title-track, seems to be a loving tribute to the late Hutt. However, on closer inspection, the record’s artwork reveals a distorted face — Harper’s — warped onto Han Solo’s body, further revealing that the OH over Han’s head is actually the artist’s initials. “Jabba,” in accordance, is placed over Jabba’s head. You just have to appreciate this.

In an interview with Juno Plus, Ignitt revealed that he and Omar-S go back almost 20 years to when they were both street-racing. Their real names are both Omar, and they were both producing similar music at the time, so they hit it off. Their artistic collaboration is a much more recent development, even though Ignitt has been producing since 1992 and not just dance music. Apparently, he’s worked with R. Kelly, Keith Sweat, Jodeci, and Salt-N-Pepa. In 2007, Omar-S released one of the most lauded Resident Advisor's 5/5 review (though we got one guy calling it "a lil flacid IMO").

Knowing this, I think you're ready to listen to the samples of The 90's Evolution of What it Was over at Juno Records. You can sign up for a release alert there, too, so you can get a jump when the record comes out. Finally, check out this amazing video for their last collaboration, "Wayne County Hill Cop's [Original Mix]."

The 90's Evolution of What it Was tracklist:

01. Seem Like Y’all Ready
02. Fellow Me
03. Hold The Line

• Omar-S/FXHE:
• OB Ignitt/OBONIT:

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