Devonté Hynes (Blood Orange) to release original score for upcoming film Queen & Slim, shares tracks

Devonté Hynes (Blood Orange) to release original score for upcoming film Queen & Slim, shares tracks


It’s almost like Oscar season is paralleled by original score season, which would theoretically be a period of vast excitement and pride for certain artists and their fans. Scoring an Oscar-nominated film is a big deal on par with finishing an entire cheese wheel in one bloated sitting, I’d say. So let’s go ahead and give Devonté Hynes — a.k.a. Blood Orange — preliminary snaps for doing the music featured in the upcoming on-the-run flick Queen & Slim, which is set for release November 27.

The movie was directed and written by Melina Matsoukas (a regular Beyoncé affiliate) and Lena Waithe, respectively; and in order for it to work as a tale truly reminiscent of Bonnie & Clyde, you’d have to ignore the fact that the characters played by Daniel Kaluuya and Jodie Turner-Smith seemingly have no interest in a criminal lifestyle. They’re apparently victims of social circumstance to some extent.

Hynes’s score for Queen & Slim is set for release this Friday (November 22) on Domino, and it follows the mixtape Angel’s Pulse, which also came out on Domino over the summer.

The versatile artist and collaborator also worked with the Chicago-based Third Coast Percussion on a classical music release that came out last month, and Tyler, The Creator was surely grateful for the Blood Orange support during the latter half of the former’s North American tour.

Pre-order it here and listen to two tracks below if you’ve got Spotify. Check the movie trailer and tracklist after that, and here you can check out Hynes doing his thing in the studio.

Queen & Slim Original Motion Picture Score tracklisting:

Side A:

01. Kids
02. Hair
03. Slim Lets Go
04. Opening
05. This Is A Safe Place
06. Bed
07. A Couple Deer
08. Slim’s Haircut
09. What’s Next
10. Love Theme (Dance)

Side B:

01. Slim’s Horse
02. Slim Calls Home
03. Uncle’s House
04. Love Theme (Photograph)
05. Get Upstairs
06. The Sheriff
07. Start The Car
08. Sneak Out
09. Arrival
10. Kissed All Your Scars

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