Dirty Beaches releases new EP Neon Gods of Lost Youth, everyone agrees that name is awesome

Dirty Beaches releases new EP Neon Gods of Lost Youth, everyone agrees that name is awesome

Dirty Beaches have a new EP out. It’s called Neon Gods of Lost Youth. That is an amazing title. It is so amazing that I will convey no further information in this opening paragraph. Let’s just simmer on that.

Now that we’ve finished simmering, the new Dirty Beaches EP is available on their Bandcamp right now. Interested listeners can stream the EP for free or purchase the mp3s for $5 and then do whatever they got-dang want with those things. The release consists of tracks written between the salad days of 2006-2012, three of which have never been released before. But keep in mind! These are B-sides that didn’t make the cut for Dirty Beaches’ other releases. So now you can know if you have higher or lower standards than Mr. Dirty Beaches himself, Alex Hungtai.

Though this marks the first time these tracks see a wide release, they were actually sold as a CD-R release on Dirty Beaches’ last tour in Asia. In fact, these tracks were instilled with a hope of Hungtai’s to connect with Asian listeners, particular those from his native Taiwan. That connection derives from the personal nature of these tracks, inspired by Hungtai’s childhood memories, folklore about the haunted Xinhai tunnel in Taipei, and teenage delinquents from the 80s and 90s Taiwan/Hong Kong blockbuster gangster films that he spent his childhood watching.

Neon Gods of Lost Youth. Damn. What a great name.

• Dirty Beaches: http://dirtybeaches.bandcamp.com

[Photo: pangbianr.com]

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