Dirty Beaches to release double album in May (just in time for dirty beach-season!)

Dirty Beaches to release double album in May (just in time for dirty beach-season!)

Yo, what’s up, all you filthy bitches? Did you know that dirty bastard Alex Zhang Hungtai from Dirty Beaches (the bitch who bastarded that badass record Badlands in 2011) was releasing a filthy, bitchy, new double-album this May with those sons-of-bastards at Zoo Music??? Because, personally? I, for one… did NOT! But then, like, I mo-friggin’ read about that shit straight from the Zoo Music website’s horse’s mouth’s website, and then again at the sites I always be check-a-leckin’, and ALL A SUDDEN? BAM! I straight-up KNEW that shit: ON-TO-LOGI-CAL-LY!

The bastard is called Drifters/Love Is The Devil and drops on May 21 (May 20 in Europe). According to Zoo Music’s PEEPS, “both records together are 16 songs and about 75 minutes of music. Drifters/Love Is The Devil will also be available as a single CD and single digital download.” To which I’m like, “DAY-UM.” And then I hear this shit on the TWITTERsphere about how he took it upon his badASS Bitch-self to share a track from Love is the Devil, saying:

I’m leaking 1 track from love is the devil. I’ve never been good at business. But this is my heart & soul. I need to get this off my chest. this title track has blood & tears all over it and is the sound of my empty self. I need to share this before it becomes something else. we always hurt the ones we love the most. I’m a rotten piece of shit. blast it LOUD if your hearts broken.

Umm… yeah? BLAM-O, motherfuckers!!! Eh, who am I kidding? The mood is gone.

• Dirty Beaches: http://dirtybeaches.blogspot.com
• Zoo Music: http://www.killzoomusic.com

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